Spent my Gymbucks (plus some real bucks!)  

Posted by FacelessGraceless

Doc, Tater, and I braved the mall last night to spend our Gymbucks. Doc (he actually reads my blog! what a great husband!) said that he loved the outfit I showed off earlier, and that we should buy it! I figured that we already have jeans, and don't really need the hat and mittens, so we could probably get by with just the vest and sweater.

We walked out with the original sweater, plus a second sweater, a brown vest (we already have a navy one which will go nicely with the first sweater), a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt (both picked by Tater from the clearance rack; I have taught him well!)
We spent a bit more than I had planned, but with his Old Navy khakis, he's set for the holidays now. I really have no willpower when Doc and Tater start picking out clothes for him. It is so, so cute seeing that big man choosing these tiny clothes from racks and holding up different combinations to find the perfect outfit. And of course, it's equally adorable watching my little man reach up above his head towards a shirt that has caught his eye, and then asking me "is it on sale, Mommy?"

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