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McRib is back, baby!

Although I wish that McDonalds would quit teasing us and leave this yummy treat on the menu year-round, I am glad that it's back right now. The economy is in the toilet, it's dark before I even leave the office, and our high temperatures are barely above freezing. But! There is a hot, saucy, gorgeous McRib waiting for me, and that's something to look forward to all day!

Lights Fights  

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I saw Christmas lights tonight on my way home from work. November 5th. Seriously?

Remember the Sale!  

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Don't forget - Friends and Family Event at Christopher & Banks and C.J. Banks!

Gyro Hero  

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Today at work, several of my co-workers asked me to go to lunch with them.  We piled into a couple of SUVs, so I wasn't entirely sure who was going along.  We arrived at the restaurant to find that we had the president of the company, a vice-president, an engineer, two project managers, and me.  It wasn't a big deal being the only woman, and I figured we'd all sit a big table together, so our positions in the company wouldn't matter either.

As it turned out, only small tables were available, and somehow I ended up sharing a table with the president.  It's not quite as intimidating as it might be, because he's only about 10 years older than me, and we do see each other several times a day, since it's a smallish office.

But, (and here's where the "graceless" comes in), I had ordered a gyro for lunch.  And when it arrived at the table, it was HUGE.  With an equally obnoxious side of fries.  Mr. President commented that it was really mean of the restaurant to only provide two napkins with a gyro.  I wanted to crawl under the table and hide.  But since that wasn't a feasible option (work clothes and greasy floors do not make for a nice combination), I grabbed a plastic fork and knife and did my best to eat neatly.  I managed to eat about half of the gyro, and about 3 French Fries.  

And when we cleared our trays, Mr. President said that he was very impressed to see that I still had a napkin left over!  If I ever go to lunch with "the guys" again, I think I'll order a salad!

Friends and Family @ Christopher & Banks  

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Christopher & Banks (misses sizes 4-16) and CJ Banks (women's sizes 14-24) are having a "Friends and Family Event" on October 25th and 26th. They are offering 40% off of everything in the store, with a coupon. So stop by one of the stores before then to get your coupon, and then put on your comfortable shoes and go back on the 25th and 26th to stock up!

This is a great deal, ladies! Last year I got 40% off on top of the clearance prices, so I got several short-sleeved shirts for only a few dollars each. Perfect for wearing under sweaters and jackets at work!


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Tater: My hand hurts.
FG: Looks like you were laying on it. How does it feel?
Tater: It's all noisy in there!
FG: I think it's asleep. Let's try to wake it up.
Tater: WAKE UP! You're late for school!

Spent my Gymbucks (plus some real bucks!)  

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Doc, Tater, and I braved the mall last night to spend our Gymbucks. Doc (he actually reads my blog! what a great husband!) said that he loved the outfit I showed off earlier, and that we should buy it! I figured that we already have jeans, and don't really need the hat and mittens, so we could probably get by with just the vest and sweater.

We walked out with the original sweater, plus a second sweater, a brown vest (we already have a navy one which will go nicely with the first sweater), a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt (both picked by Tater from the clearance rack; I have taught him well!)
We spent a bit more than I had planned, but with his Old Navy khakis, he's set for the holidays now. I really have no willpower when Doc and Tater start picking out clothes for him. It is so, so cute seeing that big man choosing these tiny clothes from racks and holding up different combinations to find the perfect outfit. And of course, it's equally adorable watching my little man reach up above his head towards a shirt that has caught his eye, and then asking me "is it on sale, Mommy?"